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Townie is a popular comfort bike offered by Electra. When compared to traditional bike design, Townie's patented forward pedal position creates a more comfortable, upright riding experience.

We stock a selection of Townies in our store. Stop in and test ride before buying! We can order any bike not currently in stock and assemble it for you. Orders ship to our store from the warehouse within two business days.

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While we do promote local shopping, which supports our local community, we understand the convenience of online shopping.  Shop online with us!  Choose from Electra's wide variety of Townie bikes and get all of the benefits of buying from a trusted, local bike shop.

Electra does not offer direct online shopping. To order a Townie bike, EMAIL or call us (574-244-2279). We can place your order for pickup at our store. All bikes are professionally assembled by our team.

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Got questions about ordering online?
Please EMAIL or call us (574-244-2279) for more info.