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Fishing kayaks have added features for fishing, such as built-in rod holders and anchor trolleys. Some have extra dry storage for hunting ammunition or fishing bait. These kayaks typically have a camouflage color scheme.

A very popular evolution of the fishing kayak is the advent of pedal-power. By eliminating the need for using a paddle, pedal-powered kayaks free your hands for fishing and hunting.

Sit-In or Sit-On-Top Fishing Kayaks?

This is partly personal preference and partly what you want to do. The majority of fishing and hunting kayaks are sit-on-top because there is less restriction of movement and easier egress into and out of the kayak.

Sit-in kayaks do offer some added stability with their lower center of gravity. However, sit-on-top fishing kayaks are built wider and are stable enough to stand and fish. Sit-ins are generally lighter than sit-on-tops and can be handled easier by one person.

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