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Free your arms from paddling and pedal your kayak! By eliminating the need for using a paddle, pedal-powered kayaks free your hands for fishing, hunting, making landings, or dealing with awkward paddles.

Propeller or Flippers?

Many of the kayaks we sell use propeller drives. Some kayaks, like those offered by Hobie®, use flipper drives. While flipper drives do have advantages, propeller drives are generally more reliable, less complicated and less expensive.

Pedaling turns the propeller that can move the kayak faster than paddling alone, at up to 6 miles per hour! Pedal kayaks have built-in rudders that you steer with a knob by your seat. The propeller drive unit easily pivots out of the water for storage or shallow maneuvering.

Need to back your kayak in reverse? Simply pedal backwards! With Hobie you must reach down and switch the flippers from forward to reverse. Why mess with switches or pay more for an expensive flipper drive? Propeller drives are simply easier to use and more durable.

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