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If you plan to do long kayak trips, over several days, you should consider a "Touring" kayak. Touring kayaks have more storage space for camping gear. They are longer and narrower than the average recreational kayak. They have "pointy" bows that help them track straighter and go faster. Some Touring kayaks also feature "skegs" (a small, fixed rudder) that further improves straight tracking.

Ready To Shop Touring Kayaks?

Below you can "Window Shop" and find details on Old Town Touring kayaks. Note that the window below is Old Town's web site. If you place an order below, you will be dealing directly with Old Town -- the kayak would be shipped directly to you and you will pay shipping fees. If you are ready to order a Touring kayak, we suggest you contact us so that we can place the order for you, without shipping charges. ( Just use the window below for Window Shopping, not for ordering ).