Axiom Neutron Delirium/ Distance driver/ 14,5,-0.5,3


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The Delirium is a high speed overstable distance driver

Make the competition feel delirious with the Axiom Neutron Delirium! The Neutron Delirium is an overstable distance driver designed for maximum speed and very overstable flights. The Delirium joins the Tantrum and Excite distance drivers as the overstable 24.5 MM Distance Driver making its debut in Neutron Plastic. Fans of the MVP Dimension will find a kindred spirit in the Delirium due to its capacity for high speed throws with minimal turn, even in high wind situations. Take the wind head-on with maximum distance drives from Axiom Discs Neutron Delirium Distance Driver!

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CLASS 24.5mm Distance Drivers
WEIGHTS 170 – 175g
RIM WIDTH 24.5mm

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Weight 32 oz
Dimensions 10 × 12 × 4 in