Innova – Halo Star Aero 40th Anniversary, 3,6,0,0 (Orange)


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In stock


The Innova Halo Aero straight, slightly understable, it has glide, and it’s meant for those who want very long glidey shots. The Aero from Innova is one of the original molds approved on January 1st 1983. This 40th edition Halo stamp has the classic Innova lettering, the new Innova lettering, and the Prime star logo. It’s such a blend of the new and the old together. The flight path of the Aero is very straight with lots of glide at low speeds. Once you start throwing it over 100 feet you’ll see that it holds a gently turnover line.

It’s a great choice for approach shots, half-go’s, and high glide situations. It’s a putter but in this plastic it’s better suited for longer shots. You’ll pull this out instead of your putting putter when there’s a chance you hit trees/rocks. It’s also good for holding that extra bit of distance, so if you throw a little hyzer flip to flat turnover you know that it’s going to carry further than other slow discs. Halo plastic from Innova is beautiful, durable, and makes the disc slightly more overstable than other blends of plastic. It’s the choice of folks on the Disc Golf Pro Tour as well as local players in your park. It works, it lasts, it’s a great blend. Bagging this disc is carrying a piece of throwable history with you. It’s excellent at shot shaping slow shots and sometimes, that’s exactly what you need.