Whether you need a derailleur adjustment, broken spoke replaced, or a complete overhaul, we are here to get your bike ready to go again.
Our full-service repair shop welcomes all brands of bikes. We offer three levels of service packages, as well as specific repairs (fixing flats, adjusting brakes, etc.).
Estimates are always free, so call or stop in today. We are here to make your bike safe and ready for riding!
Repair Policies
  • We do our best to complete standard repairs & tune ups within 48 hours (excluding repairs that require ordering of parts). During our busy seasons the turn-around time can be up to 1 week.
  • All repairs & tune ups are scheduled on a “First-In/First-Out” basis. Some quick repairs can be done while you wait. Flat tires can usually be repaired while you wait if you bring in just the wheel. If you bring in the entire bike it will be scheduled behind other bikes already in the repair queue.
  • Customers should pickup their bikes within 30 days of completion of repairs. Storage fees may apply beyond 30 days.
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