We sell quality used bikes, which means we actually want your trade-in!
Trade-Ins Made Easy
Although you “might” get a little more by selling the bike yourself, it can take lots of time and work to do that. Craigslist and eBay can be good if you don’t mind spending the time writing ads, answering questions, dealing with buyers or shipping hassles.
When you trade-in your bike with us, you just give us the bike, and we give you credit on your new bike purchase. We do the rest! Just bring your bike in and let us know you want a trade in quote toward the purchase of a new bike. We will check condition and its Bicycle Blue Book value, then give you a quote on your trade-in. Quotes are good for one week.
How to Trade-In
  • Bring your bike into our store and we will look-up its value on bicyclebluebook.com.
  • If you like the trade-in offer, and want to trade it toward a new bike, just bring your old bike in. We will verify its value and apply that discount toward your new or used bike purchase.
Bikes we do not accept for trade-in include:
  • Bikes that are not in functioning condition.
  • Bikes with frame damage.
We reserve the right to decline bikes based on poor condition or poor resale value.
* We do not pay cash for used bicycles — We only give discount credit for your bicycle toward purchase of a new or used bicycle at Pedals & Paddles.