Segafredo Vivace Medium Roast Coffee 10 oz – Whole Bean


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Name: Vivace (Vee-vah-chay)

Roast: Medium

Character: Medium Body, Smooth Acidity

Flavors: Subtle Chocolates, Lemon, Blackberry, Honey

Personality: Lively, Spirited, Alluring, Sophisticated Exuberance

A PRODUCT OF OUR PASSION – From farm to cup, we meticulously craft extraordinary coffee that is served today in hundreds of Segafredo Zanetti cafes and preferred by professional baristas in thousands of restaurants and cafes globally.

At Segafredo Zanetti, four generations of coffee experience fills every cup. The Massimo Zanetti family goes to great lengths carefully selecting, blending, and roasting our beans to draw out each one’s distinct characteristics. We invite you to savor the experience of one of our smooth and complex blends with your friends and family.

In stock



An artisan balance of Colombian and Brazilian Arabicas, medium roasted with subtle chocolates, soft honey, fragrant blackberries and a soothing finish.

Product details

  • Medium roast
  • 10 oz
  • Whole Bean